DCISI 14.4V 3000mAh Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery For MAKITA BL1430 BL1415 BL1440 194066-1 194065-3 Electric Power Tool

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Usage Tips: 1. The battery must be FULLY charged before first use. 2. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place. 3. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact. 4. Do not put battery into water and fire. 5. Keep away from children. Compatible Part:BL1430, BL1415,194066-1, 194065-3, JT6226, LGG1230, LGG1430, MAK1430Li, MET1821 Compatible Models: MAKITA BBO140, BJN160, BJR141Z, CF201DZW, DA340DRF, FS440D, GA400D, HP440DRFX, HR162DRFXW, LXLM03, LXPH02, LXRM01, LXRU01, ML145, MR050, TL060DRF, TS130DRFX Makita BCF Series BCF050, BCF201ZW Makita BCL Series BCL140, BCL140Z, BCL142, BCL142ZW Makita BDA Series BDA340, BDA340RFE, BDA340Z, BDA341, BDA341RFE, BDA341Z Makita BDF Series BDF343, BDF343RHEX, BDF343SHE, BDF343Z, BDF440, BDF440SFE, BDF440Z, BDF441, BDF441RFE, BDF441SFE, BDF441Z, BDF442, BDF442RFE, BDF442Z, BDF444RFE, BDF444Z, BDF446RFE, BDF446Z, BDF448 Makita BFL Series BFL201RZ, BFL301RZ, BFL402RZ Makita BFR Series BFR440, BFR440RFE, BFR440SFE, BFR540, BFR540L, BFR540RFE, BFR540Z Makita BFS Series BFS440, BFS440RFE, BFS441RFE, BFS441Z Makita BFT Series BFT041RZ, BFT082RZ, BFT124RZ Makita BGA Series BGA450RFE, BGA450Z Makita BHP Series BHP343Z, BHP440, BHP440SFE, BHP440Z, BHP441, BHP441RFE, BHP441SFE, BHP441Z, BHP442, BHP442RFE, BHP444RFE, BHP444Z, BHP446RFE, BHP446Z , BHP448 Makita BHR Series BHR162, BHR162RFE, BHR162SFE, BHR162Z Makita BJV Series BJV140, BJV140RF, BJV140RFE, BJV140Z Makita BML Series BML145, BML184, BML800, BML801, BML802 Makita BMR Series BMR050, BMR100 Makita BPT Series BPT350RFE, BPT350Z Makita BSS Series BSS500RFE, BSS500Z Makita BST Series BST110RFE, BST220RFE Makita BTD Series BTD130F, BTD130FRFE, BTD130FSFE, BTD130FSFER, BTD130FSFEW, BTD130FW, BTD130FZ, BTD130SFE, BTD132RFE, BTD133RFE, BTD133Z, BTD134D, BTD134RFE, BTD134Z, BTD135, BTD135Z, BTD136 Makita BTL Series BTL060RFE, BTL060Z Makita BTP Series BTP130, BTP130RFE, BTP130SFE, BTP130Z, BTP131, BTP131Z Makita BTS Series BTS130, BTS130RFE, BTS130SFE, BTS130Z Makita BTW Series BTW152, BTW152Z, BTW250, BTW250RFE, BTW250Z Makita BVR Series BVR340, BVR440 Makita BUC Series BUC121, BUC121RFE, BVC340, BVC340Z Makita DF Series DF440DRFX, DF440DRFXW Makita KP Series KP140DRF, KP140DZ Makita LXD Series LXDT03, LXDT03Z Makita MUH Series MUH301DRF, MUH301DZ, MUH351D, MUH351DRF, MUH351DZ Makita MUS Series MUS103D, MUS153D Makita ST Series ST120D, ST420D Makita TD Series TD130D, TD130DRFX, TD130DRFXR, TD130DRFXW, TD130DZ, TD131D, TD131DRFX, TD131DRFXR, TD131DRFXW, TD131DZ, TD132D, TD132DRFX, TD132DRFXB, TD132DRFXW, TD132DZ, TD133DRFX, TD133DRFXB, TD133DRFXL, TD133DRFXP, TD133DRFXW,TD134DRFX, TD134DRFXB, TD134DRFXL, TD134DRFXP, TD134DRFXW Makita TP Series TP130DRFX, TP131DB, TP131DRFX, TP131DRFXB, TP131DZ Makita TW Series TW152D, TW152DRFX, TW152DZ Makita UB Series UB142D, UB143D Makita UC Series UC121D, UC121DRF Makita VR Series VR340D, VR440D Package Included : 1X Battery Battery Type: Li-ion Battery Volt: 14.4V Battery Capacity: 3000mAh

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Nominalus Galingumas 3000MAH
Dydis Prismatic
Rinkinys Tipas Baterijų Tik
Tipas Li-Ion
Modelio Numeris BL1430
Baterijų Skaičius 1
Komplektacija Paketas 1
Pakaitinis Akumuliatorius Taip
Pakuotės Dydis 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
Įrenginio Tipas gabalas
Pakuotės Svoris 0.2kg (0.44lb.)

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