3x ink cartridge compatible For hp336 for hp342 for hp 336 342 Deskjet 5440 PSC 1510 Photosmart 1500 C3100 C3180 Officejet 6300

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Compatible for




HP 336



18 ml

HP 342



15 ml Compatible HP 336 342 Printer Ink Cartridge For Deskjet 5420 5420V 5432 5440 5440V 5440XI 5442 5443 D4100 D4145 D4155 D4160 D4163 For Officejet 6300 6301 6304 6305 6307 6308 6310 6310V 6310XI 6313 6315 6318 For Photosmart 7800 7838 7838V 7838XI 7850 7850V 7850XI C3100 For Photosmart C3110 C3125 C3135 C3140 C3150 C3170 C3173 C3175 C3180 For Photosmart C3183 C3185 C3188 C3190 C3193 C3194 For PSC 1500 1503 1504 1507 1508 1510 1510S 1510V For PSC 1510XI 1513 1513S 2570 2575 2575A 2575V 2575XI

Explanation ******** You can choose the color that you need ******** packing:. Exporting product, built-in anti-static bag Certificate of product: ISO9001 certificate, SGS international attestations and ISO14001. If you are using the above models of printers, you can completely rest assured to using the ink cartridge.It is full comparable with the original color because this item print so fluent, the color are so colorful.we can assure that you will get a pleasantly surprised of the reasonable cost under the premise of goods' best quanlity. The picture is only for a reference, the actual item is the standard. Any type of ink cartridge, ink and other products saled by our company, you can return unconditional if not satisfied from the date of purchasing within 30 days; Also can refund for the updating of printer but the items you purchased must be new and not be used.

Suderinamos Prekės HP Rašalinis
spalva C,M,Y,K
Spalvos Taip
Photosmart 7838XI 7850 7850V 7850XI Photosmart C3100 C3110 C3125 C3135
Modelio Numeris Photosmart 1500 C3100 C3180
Funkcija Iš Naujo Pagaminti
PSC 1510 1510S 1510V 1510XI 1513 PSK 1513S 2570 2575 2575A 2575V 2575XI
Deskjet 5440XI 5442 5443 D4100 D4145 Deskjet D4155 D4160 D4163
"Hp Officejet 6313 6315 6318 Photosmart 7800 7838 7838V
Tipas rašalo kasetė
Photosmart C3140 C3150 C3170 C3173 Photosmart C3175 C3180 C3183 C3185
"Hp Officejet 6300 6301 6304 6305 "Hp Officejet 6307 6308 6310 6310V 6310XI
Pakuotė Bulk Taip
Photosmart C3188 C3190 C3193 C3194 PSC 1500 1503 1504 1507 1508
Prekės Pavadinimas COAAP
Spausdintuvo Modelis Deskjet 5420 5420V 5432 5440 5440V
Kasetės Statusas Pilnas
Pakuotės Dydis 10cm x 8cm x 4cm (3.94in x 3.15in x 1.57in)
Įrenginio Tipas daug (3 vnt/lot)
Pakuotės Svoris 0.2kg (0.44lb.)

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